Find Good in Everything

Find good in everything.

Can we do that?  Is it possible to find the good within the bad?  It should make no difference if the bad is small or large, perceived or real, superficial or tragic.  Does good exist within the bad?

I believe it does.

If we dig down deep within ourselves in that moment of despair or tragedy or anger or hatred, we will find a thread that connects us all.

Because we are humans, with shared experiences, shared histories, shared futures.  We all eat and drink and sleep and dream, regardless of our demographic.  We are born, we grow, we fall in love, we fall out of love, we age, we die.

The world would be an entirely different place if any one of us had never been born.

I had a difficult time finding the good on my drive to work today.  I have a lead foot.  I’m a speed demon.  I frequently suffer from road rage when stuck behind someone who insists on obeying the speed limit.

Get the @#$%^&%$# outta my way!!

I want to drive a tank, with fully automatic sub-machine guns, loaded with artillery shells, so I can run right over the guy who doesn’t notice the light has turned green.  He’s put the car into neutral so he can eat his sandwich, causing me to lose precious moments of nothing important while he pops it back into gear when the sound of my irritated horn-honking reaches his ears.

My always normal blood pressure spikes when I’m driving on busy roads.  I want the road to my greedy, selfish self.

Is there good in my behavior?  No.  Am I proud of myself for screaming blue invective from the relative isolation of my driver’s seat?  No.

Is there good in being forced to drive more sedately, in obeying traffic laws, and getting to the destination in one piece?  Yes.

Is it possible that indulgence in Jimmy Johnson driving on city streets might result in a horrible accident?  Yes.

Should I be grateful to those drivers who keep me from racing off into the horizon?


In the midst of my anger and irritation this morning, I realized that gratitude.  There was good in the bad.  There was good in everything.

The good found me.

How do you find the good in the bad?


4 thoughts on “Find Good in Everything

  1. I don’t know if there is always good in the bad, but if we think enough about something, we can often find even a dimly lit bright side.

    Glad you found the bright side when reflecting on your commute 🙂


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