Be the Change

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

I love that quote.  It may be my all-time favorite.  When I’m at a loss for a status update for Facebook, Gandhi’s words of wisdom are my go-to choice.

His words mean “lead by example”.  There’s no cadence when put that way.  It’s dry, businesslike.  “Be the change” has music to it, for me.

It’s so simple, really.

Just be what you want the world to be.  It doesn’t have to be global.  Just in your world, your tiny little space in the cosmos.  All change comes from a small place, a small start, an infinitesimal shift in consciousness.

To receive kindness, be kind.

To live in peace, behave in a peaceful manner.

To receive love, share love.

How will you be the change?

Be the change


6 thoughts on “Be the Change

  1. Not sure if everyone sees the same Allstate ad (offering an extra 10% off car insurance) that I see at the end of this post, but the subliminal message isn’t lost on me.

    Hil – I’m very impressed that you’ve secured national sponsorships! 🙂


    • I don’t see the ad. I don’t know if anyone else can see it. The fact that you do makes me laugh. It’s all about the subliminal messaging, Phil! And of course those national sponsors…LOL!

      You and the rest of the family should be so proud. 🙂


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