Ninjas and Pirates

Growing up, I didn’t watch cheesy Japanese Godzilla movies or movies with ninjas or other odd adventure stories.  They were just not my cup of tea and they still aren’t.  But pirate movies.  Ah, pirate movies!!

Peter Pan started it for me.  I can’t say I was in love with Captain Hook or Smee, but I liked the idea of sailing the high seas, pillaging and plundering (yeah, I know, I’m a girl, but girls can pillage and plunder too — sort of a dominatrix kind of thing, not to say that’s my thing either, but sometimes, the idea of being the one completely in charge is a real high).  As I grew older, the pirates in romance novels frequented my teenage dreams, turning me into the damsel in distress who falls in love with her captor.  But what really, really got me hooked was Captain Jack Sparrow.  Specifically, Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow.  If I’d been asked who would be the best actor for that particular role, I don’t know who I would have chosen, but today, I cannot imagine anyone else portraying the Captain.

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Let me wipe the drool off my keyboard

I’d never been a fan of Mr. Depp up until this point.  I associated him most closely with 21 Jump Street, which was just freakin’ lame.  Edward Scissorhands and Eating Gilbert Grape were too strange and Johnny seemed too off the wall to be relate-able.  I know he’s been in a gazillion other movies, but I frankly avoided any movie in which he starred because I wasn’t a fan.  And then the trailers for Pirates of the Caribbean began to flash across the TV screen and I suddenly questioned my avoidance of any movie starring Mr. Depp.

Because suddenly, I found him hot.  His pirate was a little dirty, a little kinky, a little whimsical, a little drunk, a little brilliant and stupid all at once, and strutted with just enough swagger to make my knees weak.  Frankly, Captain Jack Sparrow is friggin’ sexy…in my humble opinion.  And by default, so is the actor who plays him.

One could argue that I am now too old to dream of being kidnapped by a dashing pirate, that being 40 plus dictates both feet should be firmly planted in reality.  But where’s the fun in that?  A girl can still dream, can’t she?

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