I learned of the shooting in Aurora, Colorado this morning.  The news was sketchy, brief, typical for news reports on music stations.  I thought, What?  Huh?  Shooting?  Really?

I trolled Facebook.  I scrolled Twitter.  Somewhere along the way, I found a link that led me to another link that led me to a third that raised the hair on the back of my neck in a way news of this massacre had not.


A young woman I’d never met died in that theater.

She was a budding professional sports blogger.

She also had a personal blog with two entries.  The first entry was in 2011.  The second entry was in early June 2012.

In the June entry, Jessica Redfield reflected on the food court shooting at a mall in Toronto just a few days earlier.  She’d been there.  Moments before.  She felt odd and left the food court to go outside.

She lived.


Last night, she died.


The Final Destination-like aspect of this girl escaping death seven weeks ago only to die last night gives me chills.


There is a face in my mind now.

It is Jessica’s face.

Her face represents all of the victims of this tragedy.

All of the loss.  All of the despair.  All of the horror.


My heart goes out to Jessica Redfield’s family and friends and to the family and friends of the other victims.

May they find solace in their memories.

May they find peace.