Blog Hiatus

I’m not really sure I need to write this post — about putting this blog on hiatus — especially since my last post was in July 2012.  But I’m doing it anyway, just in case any of the few subscribers I had are still subscribing, or care.  And I’m doing it in case someone stumbles across this blog while searching the vast space of the internet so they don’t make the mistake of subscribing to something that is stuck in a static wasteland of wordless bytes.

I’m putting this blog on hiatus.  I can’t say, right now, if it’s permanent or temporary, long-term or short-term.  All I can say, will say, is my focus has shifted.  I don’t have time to keep up with this blog.  I was never comfortable with my theme — to write about writing.  I tried to revise the theme and let the blog be all spirit of consciousness, whatever I wanted to write about on any given day, but that didn’t work for me either.

I have so many things I want to do.

Spend good quality time with my mate, my partner, my handsome prince.

Continue building strong relationships with my two heart-sons, wonderful young men embarking on their own futures.

Bake sweets for my Sweets.*

Do my part to keep our home a home and the relationship solid by pulling my fair share of weight in the day-to-day.

Give my day job the proper attention it needs.

Swim a few miles a week and stay supple through Pilates.

Read.  Then read some more.  And read some more after that.


It’s the last one that is hardest to juggle with the rest.  I find “reasons” to procrastinate, to justify, to hide from writing.  I think, gee, I should work on my novel.  And my blog.

I’m not doing either.

So I’m putting this blog on hiatus.  I’m giving myself permission to give up one thing in the hope, the promise, I will pick up the other.

Wish me luck.



* My baking blog.  I post recipes there when I make something new.  I bake at least once per week, but often repeat myself.  So posts are infrequent, often random.  It’s my recipe box, really, with little anecdotes about the tasty goodness and the sweet people for whom I bake — my Sweets.  If you’re looking for something yummy to make, please take a peek and visit me there.