Dream Weaver

My life has been a tapestry of rich and royal hue, an everlasting vision of the ever-changing view. ~ Carole King

I’m not a big fan of looking back into the past.  I prefer to focus on the present and leave the future to take care of itself.  But there are times when it’s beneficial to stop and reflect on the path that led to the current moment.

I did that recently, through a week-long vacation to the area of California where I grew up.  Like most people, my memories of growing up are a combination of good and bad, mistakes made, lessons learned.

I left California many years ago, spurred by a deep-seated desire for change, setting off on an adventure through the wilds of Texas to the culture of Chicago.  Distance and time softened the hard edges of the past, creating nostalgic sentiment for the place I used to call home.  The visit brought closure, a tying off of the ends of threads.

The journey into the past revealed a depth of memory, a rich tapestry of experience and opportunity for growth.  The adventures that followed my leaving California added perspective while broadening the view of life, love, and family.

The places I’ve lived, the people I’ve known, the things I’ve gained and lost, have all combined to create a life tapestry vibrant with color and energy.  The view has changed, each time revealing new and exciting lessons.

I think I’ll keep on weaving.

When did you last visit the past?  How is it woven into your present?