Make Every Day a Spa Day

Be less harsh with yourself and with others.

Back away from the pumice stone.

Put down the emery board.

Well, okay, not really.  Pumice stones and emery boards are important tools in a spa day.  The results of yesterday’s mani/pedi prove that.

However, these spa tools are good examples of harshness.  When it comes to personal interactions, being harsh is counter-productive.

We are often hard on those in our lives – our spouses or partners, our children, our parents, our friends, our co-workers, the clerk at the grocery store.  We take our bad days out on others even when we know the others aren’t to blame.

We react to mistakes with varying degrees of anger or resentment.  We snap.  We judge.  We condemn.  We treat people like they can’t be broken.  And they can.

We fail to pause.  We fail to consider that maybe, the other person is having their own bad day, bad week, bad year.  We fail to practice kindness.

We treat ourselves harshly too.  Have you ever heard the voice in your head speak negative words?  “You’re stupid.”  “You shouldn’t have done that.”  “You’ll never be good enough.”  Where is the kindness to self in those statements?

If we are to succeed as compassionate, empathetic human beings, we need to be kind.  We need to look before we leap into damning words or actions.  Sometimes, we need to give ourselves, and others, a break.

Try a little tenderness

How will you practice kindness today?