All We Need is Love

If I love with my Spirit, I don’t have to think so hard with my head.
—Peggy Cahn

Let’s face it…thinking is hard work!  🙂

Okay, maybe not always.  But over-thinking can definitely be a problem.

When we over-think (and I’m an expert…see here), we don blinders to what’s important.  Our brains spin out into the ether, obsessing over the most minute details of the most inconsequential circumstances.  We don’t just beat that dead horse, we shred it into so many pieces it no longer bears any resemblance to the original.

But when we stop thinking and lead with our Spirit, we let go.  Thoughts smooth out, sheets of ice freshly Zamboni-ed.  Tensions disappear.

When we project love outward, we spend less time internalizing.  Less time spent internalizing results in less stress, more resolution.  Answers appear, magically delicious, bursting from our hearts because we’ve opened ourselves to the messages we need to receive.

How will you show love today?


6 thoughts on “All We Need is Love

  1. I want to join (create) a chapter of Overthinkers Anonymous that will act a support group so when you find yourself over thinking you can call your mentor and have them remind you of the importance of love while you share a bowl of Lucky Charms. Wonderful post.


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