Open Heart (Sans Surgery)

Allow your heart to remain as open as it feels when you give.

Give without expecting anything in return and the heart opens like a key in a well-oiled lock.  No surgery required.

When we buy someone a gift, knowing their eyes will light up when they pull the paper away from the box, there’s a joyful sparkle that erupts in our hearts.  And we smile.

When we donate to a worthwhile cause, we experience a peaceful satisfaction that we’ve done a good deed.  And we smile.

When we lend a helping hand, we share someone’s burden, easing their stress to accomplish a goal.  And we smile.

When we love someone, it is a gift.  And we smile.

An open heart promotes authenticity, grace, joy, and gratitude.

To allow your heart to remain open, just smile.

Who will you smile at today?


9 thoughts on “Open Heart (Sans Surgery)

    • Your kind words are becoming MY zen moment! 🙂

      I’m so glad you liked the post. I write this stuff that spins in my head that I often think is as random as “Jack Handy’s Deep Thoughts” from the old SNL days and I wonder why I even put it out there. Then someone like you comments about how much they enjoyed my words and I see the point in the random. Thank you!


  1. So glad to have you back. You have always inspired me to think outside the box of normal and I have really missed that inspiration.


  2. I agree! It’s is so much more fun to bring unexpected joy to others. My problem comes when I am the recipient (of a gift, for instance). I have trouble accepting it, but am still learning to just smile and say, “thank you.”


    • I often have the same problem. I always think, “oh, how nice, but I don’t need anything.” I’ve learned to smile and say “thank you”. I’m still working on NOT saying “you shouldn’t have” as that diminishes others’ joy. 🙂


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