It’s All About the Cup Holders

Whenever I think about buying a new car, the only thing I care about, after the price, is the cup holders.

My morning coffee better not spill...or things will get ugly!

And blind spots.  Preferably very few.  I’m vertically challenged.  Blind spots are a big deal.

But cup holders remain the number one priority. Forget fuel economy and engine size and catalytic converters and…whatever other stuff goes into a car.

Cup holders are key!

I’m not currently in the market for a new car.  I paid my little bread box off last December and continue to revel in freedom from car payments.  However, that doesn’t mean I don’t ponder the merits of shiny new car smell.  (It’s a nice smell.  Car washes really are unable to duplicate it when they spritz my chariot with the air freshener choice “New Car Smell”.  That stuff smells more like vanilla.  I like vanilla but if I wanted my car to smell like ice cream, I’d swing by Baskin Robbins and pick up a gallon to go.)

Yummy! I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!!

But I digress.

Cup holders.  This post is about cup holders.  A car just isn’t complete without the appropriate number and size of cup holders, located within non-arm-stretching distance from the driver and all passengers.  Cup holders are an imperative for carefully, delicately, gently transporting the morning coffee or the water bottle or that can of Monster on a long road trip.  Placing the beverage of choice between one’s legs and then navigating rush hour traffic is a recipe for disaster.  No one wants to arrive at their destination looking like they forgot to put on their Depends in the morning.

One of my girl friends from work and I went to lunch yesterday.  She drove.  She bought a new car a few months ago and the urge to chauffeur everyone in her pretty new vehicle has yet to wear off.  Kind of like that new car smell.

I complimented her on the cup holders.  There were three located right in the center console.  THREE!!  Of varying sizes!  And one of them even had an insert that, when removed, created a larger cup holder for those days you just can’t resist a Big Gulp!  How freaking cool is THAT?!?!

She told me she’d considered buying a different vehicle (a fancy brand name type) but changed her mind when she discovered the cup holders were those cheap plastic ones that spring out from the dashboard.

Fancy car, cheap cup holder. Uh, no.

The driver’s was actually located in front of the passenger, probably blocking air bag deployment.  Cup holders are critical, but one must consider the safety of the passenger.  Besides, if the air bag blows, it’s going to destroy any cup holder in its way, and spill the beverage all over the upholstery.  We can’t have that.

I looked at her, eyes agog and jealousy oozing from my pores and said…

It’s all about the cup holders, isn’t it?

What’s your favorite feature in a car? 


3 thoughts on “It’s All About the Cup Holders

  1. You are not alone my dear friend…. The last time we were shopping for an SUV…the sales guy takes me aside and starts spouting off all the details on the engine and the performance of the car etc…..finally I had to just cut him off and say…. “I don’t care about any of that….how many cup holders does it have?….we have 3 people in the family….so we need at least 9 cup holders or I’m going to the dealership next door!”….


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