The Greatest Evil of All: Fear

I know today is September 12th.  This post should have been posted yesterday, if I’d intended to post anything about the day at all.  I didn’t intend to jump on the 9-11 post bandwagon but when I woke this morning and tried to think of a blog topic, yesterday’s anniversary was all I had.

So, I apologize this is a day late.

Or superfluous, maybe.

There isn’t much that can be said about that day that hasn’t been said.  There isn’t much that can be felt about that day that hasn’t been felt.  Who am I to comment on the tragedy that has shaped our nation, our world, in the last decade?  And I don’t really have comments of my own to share, other than the memory of that day brings a lump to my heart and tears to my eyes.

I could share my memory of that day.  That’s what we seem to do each year, as a reminder of the tragedy.  But I think it’s enough to know we each have our memories of that day.  Those memories connect us.  That knowledge reminds us that we were all connected ten years ago.  We stood hand in hand, heart to heart, one nation, indivisible.

We’re divided now, and have been for some time.  Fear, the greatest evil of all, got in the way.  The terrorists attacked because they are afraid of what we have, of what they don’t understand.  When we, in our individual lives, steer clear of a life well lived, steer clear of happiness, or love, because we are too afraid to fight fear, we become bullies to ourselves.

It needs to stop.

I read an article in the Sunday Chicago Tribune and it captured what I feel, about 9-11 and about life in general.  I think it’s worth sharing.

Don’t Be Afraid to Banish the Fear

We’ll do better if we banish the fear together.  If we, once again, stand hand in hand, heart to heart.

Will you join me?


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