Zombies Take Over The World

The other night, the BF and I were driving around.  In the middle of a conversation, I thought, “Ooh!  Blog post topic!”  But then I didn’t write down the two words that popped into my head because I’m lazy like that and now I can’t remember what the heck I wanted to write about.

So today, I’m reading The Bloggess’ post where she makes an apology.  There was a reference to zombies and I thought, “Hey, was that the topic I wanted to write about?  Zombies?  Because I don’t get the whole zombie craze at all.”

And I don’t.  Get it, I mean.  Every time I turn around these days, there’s another reference to zombies.  Zombie movies.  Zombie gnomes.  Zombies in commercials for laptop computers.  Zombie TV shows.

What’s the big deal with zombies?

I keep hearing rumors the zombie apocalypse is coming, but really, does that have any bearing on anything?  Why wouldn’t it just be a regular apocalypse, sans zombies?  The Bible doesn’t reference zombies in Revelations (I think…I admit I haven’t actually finished reading the Bible and Revelations is at the end of the book and I never read the end of a story early).

But I do like the zombie gnome.  I mean, it’s a gnome…how can someone not like a gnome?

Or vampires.  Vampires are cool.

What would be even cooler is a vampire gnome.

How cute is he?

Is there a craze that boggles your mind?  Is there something that sets off random thoughts in your brain?


5 thoughts on “Zombies Take Over The World

  1. I think the garden gnome might give my kids nightmares. I like your Dad’s comment.

    There is so much that boggles my mind, I don’t even know where to begin. I don’t get the vampire/Twilight craze, SillyBandz or Justin Bieber.


    • OMG! Bieber! That kid gives me nightmares. I’ve been able to ignore SillyBandz since I don’t have a child (I actually had to ask my assistant, who does have children what the heck SillyBandz are. They do seem like a lame little invention.) But the Twilight books were actually well written. The movies, on the other hand, stink.

      Thank you, Janna, for always being available to comment. I really do appreciate it.


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