I Got A Guy

“I got a guy.”
They say that a lot in Chicago.
(What?  You thought I was going to tell you something else?)
Spend a few minutes talking to a friend, colleague, or random stranger you meet on the street about anything you might be considering doing or having done and that person will invariably say “Oh, I got a guy for that.  He’s fabulous.  You want I should give you his number?”

Think landscaping or painting or roofing or buying a car or dry cleaning or seal coating the driveway or getting the dog a pedicure or…anything.  Really.  The list of possibilities for a “guy” is endless.  (I suppose it could be a “gal”, but in our (still) male-dominated society, “guy” wins out and rolls tripping off the tongue.)

Just the other day, I’m having lunch with a girlfriend and she tells me about this auto repair place she loves.  Her car flat-out died on her a few weeks back.  She was tooling along, minding her own business and KAPOW! the car collapsed in a heap after she forced it to limp to the side of the road.  Stranded on a hot Chicago summer day, she made a quick call to a co-worker who responded to her cry for help with “I got a guy.  Here’s the number.”

She called.  They came (right away!).  They towed (for free!!!).  They repaired (for a truly reasonable rate!).  She picked up her car the next day and now, she’s got a guy!

It’s easy to float along in anonymity, ignoring your neighbors, ignoring the world around you in favor of disconnection.  Long standing Chicagoans don’t stand for that.  Connection is key and I think it’s great that connections are so big here in the big city.

However, I can’t help but think the whole phrase stems from “The Outfit”, as the mob was called back in the day.  Doesn’t “I got a guy” sound like something Joe Pesci would say to Ray Liotta in Goodfellas?  Or maybe that’s just the tone I hear when someone says it to me…

Image courtesy of imdb.com
Yo! I got a guy!!

(On another note, I do actually have a guy.  In the romantic sense.  Not the utilitarian, fix-it sense.  The guy is the reason blogging fell off the radar.  In the early days of getting to know each other, when I thought of blogging, all I wanted was to blog about how fantastic he is.  But he’s private and doesn’t want to be mentioned or named on the internet.  I respect that.  Besides, it’s my personal life and I’ll keep it as private as I can.  However, I did want to provide some small explanation for my blogging absence.  And that’s it.  That’s all I’m sharing.)

Do you have a “guy” or “gal” you refer people to when they need something?  Does the place you live have an oft-used phrase?


3 thoughts on “I Got A Guy

  1. Can’t say that I use that phrase, but I do keep extra business cards of people I’ve had good experiences with. Word of mouth is so much better than picking a service person randomly.

    P.S. congrats on the guy 🙂


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