I’m BACK! Or Am I? (Cue Creepy Poltergeist Music…Now!)

My last post was in early June.  And there was a good month between that post and the one before it.  Prior to that, I was a posting fool, staying fairly consistent with three posts a week.

There’s a reason for the silence.  I think it’s a damn good reason and I’ll get into that in some other post. Sort of.  There are some privacy concerns so names will be changed to protect the innocent.  I’m nothing if not discreet.

In the meantime, I’m back, or I’m going to try to be back…to regular blog posting.

When I set this blog up, it was for the purpose of exploring my journey as a writer.  I still want to write and will find the time to work on my book(s) again one day soon, but I think that exploration thing was too much structure for me to sustain over the long term. It’s funny about the structure thing because I’m all OCD about structure and organization and that shit.

But I need flexibility when I write.  I’m not in school and haven’t been for DECADES so why the hell should I force myself into structure?

So…going forward, I’m just going to post whatever strikes my fancy on a given day.

Maybe it’ll be quirky.

Maybe it’ll be snarky.

Maybe sentimental or maudlin, or all sweetness and light and chocolatey goodness.

There will definitely be curse words.

Maybe stuff I won’t post on Facebook, although, who am I kidding, I have this blog set up to post to Facebook.


I just want to get back to blogging.   🙂


6 thoughts on “I’m BACK! Or Am I? (Cue Creepy Poltergeist Music…Now!)

  1. Welcome Back Hilary! I think the last time I saw you I was pedaling through the windy city….. Now I am tooling around New Brunswick Canada….. Have a great day! 🙂


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