Making Dreams Come True

My day job has me overloaded today.  Since I’m just a bit lazy and don’t write out my posts in advance, I thought I’d share a message I received one day last week that I found inspiring.

I have an email subscription to Daily OM.  Every day, for the last seven or eight years, I’ve received their email.  The messages are typically motivational, some days striking a cord that resonates deep into my soul.

The message below can certainly apply to all aspects of life, but it arrived exactly when I needed it most — to remind me that being a writer is equal parts hard work, perseverance, and dedication.  I hope you like it.

Having a vision of what we want in life is important to our efforts of getting what we want, but we also must take action.

There is a popular misconception that we might be able to just wish our dreams into being. Maybe on some other level of consciousness this is the case, but here on earth what we need to do is take action in our lives. Vision is an important companion to our efforts, but it can’t accomplish anything all by itself. When we focus on what we want and ask for what we want, we are initiating a conversation with the universe. Our desires, passionately defined and expressed, bring about valuable and relevant opportunities, which we then respond to by either taking or leaving them.

Many of us are afraid to step out into the world and make things happen, and so we hang back, dreaming and waiting and watching. There are times in life when this is the right thing to do, but this phase of inaction must eventually give way to its opposite if we are to build our dreams into a reality. This can be really scary, and we may fail and struggle, but that’s okay because that’s what we’re supposed to do. Waiting for everything to be perfect before we act, or waiting for what we want to be handed to us, leaves us waiting forever. No one expects us to be perfect, so the best thing we can do for ourselves is to get out there and take action on our dreams.

One of the hardest parts about having a vision is that when we test it in the laboratory of life, it often comes out looking completely different than what we had in mind or, worse, it doesn’t come out at all. If you read the life stories of people who have brought their dreams into reality, you will hear many stories about this experience. But you will also hear about hard work, taking action, perseverance, and, finally, the successful birthing of a dream.


Are you taking action to make your dreams come true?


4 thoughts on “Making Dreams Come True

  1. I also receive a daily message that sometimes makes me sit back and say “Wow” that is exactly how I am feeling. But as you know the hardest part is actually taking the action to make your dreams come true. Once you “grow up and become an adult” your way of thinking sometimes changes from what do I want to what does my family need. Our own needs are put aside until one day you read something that breaks you out of the trance so to speak and makes you realize that you can’t make everyone else happy if you aren’t happy yourself.
    Taking that first step to make your dreams come true is the hardest step. Your words have helped me make the effort to take that first step.

    Thank you.


  2. If only wishing a dream to come true would make it happen….

    It is scary to take the step to make a dream happen. It’s also exhausting, but hope that in the future, my daily efforts will pay off gives me the strength to keep at it.


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