“Fan”tabulous Fridays: 4/8/11

In my “Who? Me?” section, I called out Friday as the day to share my favorite posts of the week. To qualify, the post had to make me think, make me question, teach me, or inspire me.  In other words, I liked the post enough to click the “like” button so I could save it to read again some day.

Thumbs Up!

The Quest for 100 Miles (With Frequent Updates)
April 7th, 2011 — Idiot Household
The Master Bedroom door swings open. All is quiet in the house. Behind the open door, is darkness. Suddenly an erie shroud of fog starts to envelope the open doorway. A strobe light suddenly clicks on from within the room, illuminating the silhouette of a large figure in the doorway. Suddenly, “Eye of the Tiger” starts blasting through the darkened house. The large figure emerges from the shadows and into the living room. It is the idiot. Dainty little biking slippers, impossibly tight porn biking pants, 3-4 layers of T-shirts, topped off by a Unabomber-worthy hoodie which envelopes his entire upper body and head. Dangling from his ears are the trusty cords leading to his Ipod. Though the house is rocking to “Eye of the Tiger”….the idiot is calmly listening to “The Carpenters”…… He pauses just feet from the bedroom doorway, surveys the scene, spits, scratches, and then mounts his trusty exercise bike.
~ The Idiot at The Idiot Speaketh and Pedaleth

Why I Liked It: The Idiot (His real name is Mark, in case you’re wondering. But I don’t see how anyone couldn’t know the Idiot…he’s got a tremendous following…) is pedaling his exercise bicycle cross-country, all from the comfort of his living room.  On Thursday, after much build-up and anticipation, he set out to ride 100 miles to set a personal one day best.  And HE DID IT!! Tired, sweaty, legs like the jello that bounced across the screen in Airplane, he pedaled and pedaled and pedaled across the state of Illinois, ultimately logging 112 miles.  He navigated the mean streets of Chicago, taking time to toss a jaunty wave to me as he rode past my day job (I waved back vigorously, I tell you.) before finally stopping for the night just over the western border of Indiana.  CONGRATULATIONS, Idiot!  This fan is so proud of you!!

Did You Lose Your Undies?
I have a fine appreciation for underwear.
Show me a strapping young man sporting six-pack abs and a pair of boxer briefs and I’ll show you…well, pretty much anything you want to see. I believe in fair exchange.
But there’s something about seeing abandoned underwear that takes away the appeal. Sort of like how you wouldn’t think twice about kissing a loved one on the head, but if the same person loses a hair in your salad, there’s no way you’re shoveling another bite of spinach in your mouth.
~ Tawna Fenske at Don’t Pet Me, I’m Writing

Why I Liked It: Tawna ponders the current crisis around lost underwear.  Forlorn thongs, boxers, and briefs are popping up on sidewalks and vacant lots all over this great land of ours.  If we don’t watch out, this could reach epic proportions where every one of us experiences nausea and that general “Ick” feeling whenever we walk down the street.  Once I finished wiping the tears of laughter from my cheeks, I couldn’t help but wonder…is this where our lost undies and socks go when they escape from the dryer?  Are they running free, only to collapse exhausted and lost on the corner of Fourth and Main?  How are our unmentionables even running away?  It’s not like they’ve got feet or anything…

How to Get Past Writer’s Block: Productivity Tips
Whether you’re writing your first paper or you’re an acclaimed novelist, you’ve almost certainly encountered the frustrating phenomenon of writer’s block. And you’ll encounter it again in the future. Depending on your circumstances, writer’s block can ruin an entire session of potential productivity – it’s easy to let procrastination take control. When you’re not feeling inspired, nothing seems right and it’s almost impossible to put words on the page.
The good news is that there are many ways to get around the dreaded writer’s block.
~ Maria Rainer (guest post) at DuoLit

Why I Liked It: This post included practical suggestions on ways to break through writer’s block.  It’s a handy little list that I, for one, intend to keep handy for the next time I find myself staring at my computer screen, fingers cocked and poised over the keyboard, my mind a blank slate.

The Jacqueline Howett Guide to Becoming a Better Buzzard
A week or so back (I honestly can’t remember; time’s fun when you’re having flies) everyone, and I mean everyone in the writing community was talking about Jacqueline Howett and her angry tirade on the Books and Pals Blog review of her book The Greek Seaman (no I’m not doing any puns. All the good ones have been used up anyway.)
It was like the rotting corpse of some animal bringing the buzzards far and wide to feast upon its stinking goodness. And before you go off mad, I’m one of those buzzards too. It’s not an insult.
~ Albert Berg at Albert Berg’s Unsanity Files

Why I Liked It: This was an excellent reminder to think before we react.  Sort of a “Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you” post.  And that little policy is a good one to live by.

The Time Your Dad Was Pregnant
Dear Child,
Today you visit the scary, sanitized doctor’s room again to have your stitches removed. You earned your first badge of boyhood last week in a fall that left your sweet eye sliced and later stitched. This morning, as your father swirled around the house in an anxious tizzy, I spotted myself in you. With eyebrows scrunched and lips slanted like a heavy seesaw, you met his forlorn face with a facial statement of your own: “I done cut my eye open, cowboy. What’s your problem?”. I’ve watched in mesmerized pride as you have mastered this skeptical glare in just one year of life. For a boy whose self so fiercely mimics his paternal side, I smile each time I see your features morph into this sassy expression. You are, no doubt, my boy.
~ Tori Nelson at The Ramblings

Why I Liked It: Tori wrote a wonderful, heartfelt, whole-hearted letter to her son.  She captured, beautifully, the wonders of watching her man revel in her pregnancy and eventual fatherhood.  No man one is perfect, but the support, love, and genuine empathy she received from her man allowed me to believe, for a brief, shining moment, that perfect exists in small acts of kindness.  The man is a keeper!

OMG Shoes!
We sprained the blog on the deal-breaker post, so I dug into my drafts and found this one. Shoes! Or you can still talk about dealbreakers. Or whatever you want. Knock yourselves out. Here’s the post:

I look at these shoes and my heart skips a beat. Robert Tabor is a freaking foot GENIUS.
~ Jennifer Crusie at Argh Ink

Why I Liked It: It’s a post about shoes.  Fantastic, gorgeous, creative, awe-inspiring works of art shoes.  With pictures of said shoes.  Need I say more?

What inspired you this week?


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    • You’re welcome. Any time! I was surprised to see you were riding today. I would have thought your tush might be a little, um, over-stressed from all that sitting on the teeny tiny bicycle seat? 🙂
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