Oh! My Eyes!

I’ve spent the last four days home with the mother of all colds.  My throat burns, my head aches, and my sinuses are in full-out revolt.

I’m fortunate that I don’t get sick often (yea!) but when I do come down with something, it tends to knock me for  a loop.  I’d conveniently forgotten how awful being sick feels.

While I’m still home from the day job today, due to a complete and total lack of energy, at least the worst of the cold symptoms seem to have eased.  Just one more day of naps and movies-on-demand should put me on the road to recovery.


I watched several movies over the last few days, trying to catch up on the flicks I’ve missed in the last few years.  Besides sleep, what else is there to do when sick?  However, I’ve yet to watch anything that actually qualifies as “good”.

What’s up with that?  Was I right to skip the movie-going experience while I worked on myself and started a novel?  I think the answer is “yes”.

Two of the movies I watched were of particular “badness”.

My Life in Ruins, starring the girl from My Big Fat Greek Wedding (what is her name???  Oh yeah, Nia Vardalos.) appeared to have some redeeming qualities in the initial scenes.

Life in ruins? Try movie in ruins

Here’s a girl who is unhappy in her existence as a tour guide in Greece.  She feels like she’s missing out on whatever her life is supposed to be and she’s conflicted about the proper course to take.  Her fellow tour guide sets out to get her fired and her tour group finds her tour style boring.  They want to shop; she wants to educate them on Greece’s architecture and history.  It’s not much of a conflict, but it’s a little something something.

The bare bones of a structure were set up and then it immediately fell apart.

The idea of the conflict was planted, like a tiny little seed inserted into moist dirt, but was never watered or fertilized or mulched.  The movie wandered through Greece while the main character whined and b*tched and moaned and grew up only a little bit.  The ending was clear about 30 minutes into this 1 hour and 40 minute waste of time and it didn’t feel logical, that ending.  I kept hoping the movie would redeem itself but it never did.

To add further anguish to my agony, I also watched Sex and the City 2.  I loved the TV series and enjoyed the first movie for the few laughs it brought.

The sequel?  I should have poked my eye out with a stick.

It needed more shoes

There was no plot.  No conflict.  No structure.  No story.  Only caricatures of high fashion women so wrapped up in their narcissism and pre-menopausal symptoms that I was actually embarrassed to be female.

Carrie still rocks the fabulous shoes but even the shoes didn’t get a lot of air time.  She spent her time pretending to be this highly evolved feminist wife, determined that her marriage would be different from everyone else’s marriage.  It’s not.

Samantha should be shot.  I’m not there yet, so I don’t see any fun in menopause and hot flashes.  I could be wrong.  Maybe it’s a total hoot and a half.  But the over-the-top emoting to portray a woman in the middle of The Change left me ill (like I wasn’t already ill enough).

Charlotte moped and cried and berated herself for not being the perfect mother…oh wait, that’s normal for Charlotte.  Suck it up…motherhood is HARD.

The only one I had any respect for was Miranda for standing her ground, accepting her limitations, and moving forward.  No one said I had to pick a role model from this movie, but if I was forced to, I’d pick Miranda.  She finally seemed like she had her sh*t together.


Fast Times at Ridgemont High arrived from Netflix.  I don’t recall it having much plot or conflict either, but I do know it’s good for a laugh and a fond flashback to my high school days.  The couch is calling my name.  I think I’ll grab a gallon of water, some cold meds, my blankie and go sack out.  Aloha, Mr. Hand!


How are you feeling?  Did you escape the worst of the late winter/early spring illnesses?  Watched any good (or bad) movies lately?


10 thoughts on “Oh! My Eyes!

    • Thanks! I agree…there aren’t any good romance movies anymore. There are ways to make the whole “boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy wins girl” story fun and exciting but that requires creativity. And I think Hollywood sent all its creativity packing long before it gave birth to Charlie Sheen. 🙂


  1. We must be in the same age group….Fast Times was a High School classic for me as well….. Get to feeling better Hilary with one L! 🙂


    • I suspect you’re right about the age group. There was a guy in my class we called Spicoli and he embraced the nickname! 🙂

      Thanks for the well wishes. This fourth day at home seems to have done the trick. I feel human again!


  2. Sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well. Being sick is always miserable.

    I haven’t seen any of those movies, but I don’t feel like I’ve missed anything. In fact, I don’t see many movies that aren’t intended for kids these days. As far as the ‘kiddie’ movies go, I always liked Tinkerbell and Little Mermaid. Beverly Hills Chihuahua (the first one) had funny parts to it, too.

    Feel better!


    • You definitely haven’t missed anything by not seeing these movies. I love kiddie movies, particularly the Toy Story series. My niece loves them and I love to watch her watch them. I’m feeling better…back to the day job today. Thanks for the get well wishes!


  3. Hi, Hilary! Glad to see you are feeling better! Other than allergies, I seem to have avoided most of the late winter/early spring illness, but I got hit hard this winter.
    I hadn’t heard of “My Life in Ruins,” but I heard from several people that “Sex in the City 2” was terrible. I loved the series, the first movie, and the book, but have skipped the second movie so far.
    I agree that lately movies have not been the best. I haven’t been to a movie theater in well over a year because it always seems like a waste of money since there are more crappy movies than good ones. (Which sucks, since I used to love going to the movies.)


    • I rarely get sick, but when I do, wowser! I’m actually happy to be back at the day job today…staring at the same four walls for four days got old. I wish I’d felt better because I really could have accomplished quite a bit on my WIP, but I just didn’t have the energy. I must have needed the rest so I can get back into it now with a fresh spirit.

      Yes, movies suck lately,although I did go see Hall Pass with a couple of friends before being laid low by the plague. If you appreciate what I can only call “bathroom/12 year old boy” humor, it’s pretty funny, ala The Hangover. I have to admit, though, the convenience of Netflix makes it difficult to justify spending $10 on a movie.


  4. Yikes! Hope you feel better. Your poor brain can’t take too many more silly movies! I watched Sex & The City 2 and could actually FEEL my brain cells dying off 😦
    Get better soon,


    • Tori…I’m feeling much better, thanks! I’m actually happy to be back at the day job today (huh, maybe I’m sicker than I thought 🙂

      S&TC2 was horrendous!! With each passing moment of the movie, I thought “My God, this is terrible. Why am I watching this???” I knew I was definitely stricken with the plague when I didn’t even have the energy to reach over, grab the remote and push the OFF button. There’s 2 and 1/2 hours I’ll never get back.


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