“Fan”tabulous Fridays: 4/1/11

In my “Who? Me?” section, I called out Friday as the day to share my favorite posts of the week. To qualify, the post had to make me think, make me question, teach me, or inspire me.  In other words, I liked the post enough to click the “like” button so I could save it to read again some day.

Thumbs Up!

If a Tree Falls in Walmart and Everyone’s Dressed in Camo…
… I can’t be bothered with philosophical junk. I’ve got an escape route to formulate and public restrooms to avoid.

Last weekend, The Mister and I headed to Walmart for Date Night because relationships are meant to be exciting. In the name of romance and consolidated frugality, we planned to hold hands while perusing the aisles of cheap eggs and cheaper bed sheets. As we made our way through the crowded parking lot, I remembered to compliment him on his new sweater. He showered me with sweet nothings about my freshly vacated pimple and polished toenails. Don’t tell me this date would be anything less than a lovefest.
~ Tori Nelson at The Ramblings

Why I Liked It: I love Tori’s take on Walmart as a hot-spot dating destination.  Between the People at Walmart photos that overload the interwebs and the over-abundance of camo-wearing shoppers, Walmart is a mecca for family fun.  Anything that pokes fun at Walmart has my vote.

The Reverend George Hutchings and Girl Scout Cookie Interrogations
For some reason, girl scouts have been getting a lot of flack this year during their cookie sales. First, a troop of little girls was routed from their traditional sales post, the historic house in Savannah where the Girl Scout’s founder lived. And if that wasn’t enough, some little girls in Hazelwood, Missouri, were stopped from selling cookies in their own driveway when an anonymous neighbor complained about the increased traffic in the street.
~ Piper Bayard at Author Piper Bayard

Why I Liked It: Girl Scouts and their cookie sales are an institution, rabidly anticipated by millions.  Parents of Girl Scouts hit up their co-workers to make sales.  No one can enter a Walmart, a Target, or the grocery store without passing a table set to one side of the automatic doors, loaded with cookie boxes ready to be purchased from ardent young girls.  The fact that some selfish, misguided fool tried to stop sales in their neighborhood because of an inconvenience boggles the mind.  Then the Reverend George Hutchings came along to serve as a true example of peace and goodwill.  Go Reverend Hutchings!  You rock!  Bring on the Thin Mints!!

12 Weak Words We Can Turn into Strong Ones
Weak words have no place in our stories. Removing them or replacing them with stronger words improves our writing.

In my last post, I included a list of weasel words that can slip into our writing unnoticed. Those listed can simply be removed without the need for changing the sentence.
~ Keli Gwyn at Keli Gwyn, Author

Why I Liked It: This post is an excellent reminder to restructure our sentences to eliminate the passive tone.  It’s a short, sweet tutorial on removing redundancies, multiple prepositions, and adverbs as modifiers, to name a few.

I Don’t Need Pants, I’m a Writer
Last Friday I mentioned how I almost left the house with no pants on. Sadly, it was true and not just a funny thing to write in a post. My mornings are hectic with trying to get a 1 and 3 year old up, dressed, fed and in the car by 8:30. My mind is racing trying to remember everything that needs to accompany us out the door, sippy cups for the girls, yoga mat and knee brace for me. Well, last Thursday I was so focused on getting the girls dressed and ready that I forgot to finish dressing myself.
~ Kaye Peters at Have Coffee…Will Write

Why I Liked It: Great post on what writers get out of writing, from daydreaming at work and not getting fired to going to work in your jammies.  Kaye suggests starting “pants-less” Friday.  I’d love to participate, but I have a day job.  I’ll have to stick with talking to myself and justifying it as writing dialogue.

Twitter 101: Beginner’s Tips
Okay, you have a Twitter account. Now what?

Before we get into details, it’s vital to understand what you want out of Twitter. If your co-worker is urging you to join and you have no agenda, you’ll have a different experience and approach than I do.
~ Jill Kemerer at Jill Kemerer, Author

Why I Liked It: My Wednesday post was a cry for help when it comes to Twitter.  I’m a Twitter newbie. I do have this blog set to post to Twitter when I hit “publish”…I’d figured that much out.  But from that point on, I had no clue what to do on Twitter.  Tweet.  Re-Tweet.  Direct Message.  Whaaaat?  All I can say is…my cry for help was answered and I am so thankful to everyone who reached out.  This post provides straightforward information on navigating Twitter.  I’ll take every bit of assistance I can get.

What inspired you this week?