“Fan”tabulous Fridays: 3/25/11

In my “Who? Me?” section, I called out Friday as the day to share my favorite posts of the week. To qualify, the post had to make me think, make me question, teach me, or inspire me.  In other words, I liked the post enough to click the “like” button so I could save it to read again some day.

Thumbs Up

My Writing Success: The ONE Thing That Helped Me Most
Over the course of my writing journey, I could point to any number of things that have helped me achieve publication with a major CBA publishing house and the subsequent successful debut of my book, The Preacher’s Bride.

Many years of hard work, five practice books now stuck in a closet, writing contests, feedback from critique partners, conferences, perseverance, patience, Providence. The list could go on and on.
~ Jody Hedlund at Author, Jody Hedlund

Why I Liked It: I’ve been doing a lot of craft reading.  To ensure I still have time to write each day, I read one chapter daily of whatever book is at the top of the reading stack.  Most of the books I’m reading include assignments and exercises to improve writing.  In the spirit of full disclosure, I haven’t necessarily had the time to actually do most of the assignments yet, but I am trying to absorb the material and apply it to my current WIP (which is helping).  I’ve bookmarked, highlighted, and sticky noted those exercises so I can go back and put them into practice.  I learn a lot from books.  I love reading.  So when someone suggests more reading, I’m all over it!

Jumpstarting a Stalled Novel
You whip the old nag with a coat hanger.  “Move, you dang horse!” you shout, frothing over with piss and vinegar. You kick it. You pitch pebbles at its head. You hook cables to a car battery and stick ‘em up its equine nether quarters and jam some voltage deep into the beast. And still it doth not move. Not a whinny. Not a tail-flick. You nicker at it. You pull your hair. You mumble something about this is why cars replaced you dipshits. You give up and stomp off.

Are you done? With your little poopy-pants hissy-shit-fit over there?
~ Chuck Wendig at terribleminds

Why I Liked It: Chuck Wendig is irreverent, sarcastic, and downright witty.  His posts make me laugh.  And they’re informative.  Win-win!  This particular one includes some really great ideas, in my opinion, to shake things up when confronted with the Great Wall of China version of writer’s block.  Or if the novel took a left and is careening pell-mell towards the edge of a cliff where, when it executes a perfect swan dive to the tumultuous waters below, it’s gonna die a horrible and gruesome death.  This post was a defibrillator for writing.  Charge to 3 zillion!  Clear!

The Daughter’s Big News
If you are a man with a daughter, you go through Life dreading hearing your daughter utter two phrases to you.

“Dad…I’m Pregnant”


“Dad…I’m getting married”
~ The Idiot at The Idiot Speaketh

Why I Liked It: The Idiot’s daughter is getting ___________ (I’m not telling…read the post.  Actually, you probably already know…the Idiot is REALLY popular!).  I’m looking forward to future posts about the trials and tribulations, planning and plotting the Idiot and his family will go through until the event.  Always entertaining, the Idiot’s humorous take on life makes for a fun read.

The Day Maggie Combs-Wilson Lost Her Sanity (Or Came to Her Senses)
Maggie Combs-Wilson stared out the windshield, over her knuckles tightly gripped on the gray leather steering wheel.  Her Camry’s headlights illuminated the dust particles, which were suspended like desert snowflakes in the inky night air.  The holiday season never stressed her–until this year.  Now, with Christmas less than one week away, she found herself headed west on the I-10.  She had just passed a sign:  289 miles to Los Angeles.
~ Janna at JannaTWrites’s Blog

Why I Liked It: A wonderful short story by JannaTWrites that effectively captures the busy woman’s experience.  Very compelling and relatable.

Defined by Breasts
“Be prepared,” my friend Jackie said as we sat working on projects in her fabulous Blue Box Art Studio. “Some artists think that you can only really be an Artist if you’ve taken the proper technique classes, and they will also judge you as a woman.”

I’m just dipping my toe into the world of art right now, and I’m really not doing it because I want to be known as an “artist”. Projects, words, and ideas have all been flooding into me lately, and I’m simply embracing them and then finding ways to express them. This personal journey that I am on is exciting and terrifying and opening me up to so many possibilities.  I don’t really care if Artists (with a capital A) think what I am doing is Art.
~ Lisa Kramer at Woman Wielding Words

Why I Liked It: Absolutely fantastic commentary on perceptions and definitions.  I believe we need to embrace our differences (gender, ethnicity, religion, etc.) in order to learn and grow, while always remembering that:
“we are all made of strength and struggle and connected to each other through a loving and resilient human spirit”. (Brene’ Brown, PhD)

What inspired you this week?


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  1. Thanks for the shout out Hilary, and thanks for more reading recommendations. I know a new writing project (novel?) is slowly feeling its way into my synapses. But, I need constant reminders and motivators so that I avoid beginning and never finishing like I have done so often. I look forward to getting from more fabulous writers like yourself.


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