Positive Posts – Week 1

In my “Who? Me?” section, I called out Friday as the day to share my favorite posts of the week. To qualify, the post had to make me think, make me question, teach me, or inspire me.  In other words, I liked the post enough to click the “like” button so I could save it to read again some day.

This is the first time I’m doing a weekly wrap-up, so we’ll see how it goes.

The Writer Floats
I was told to chase my dreams as a child. “The sky’s the limit,” were the words so often used that by the time I reached adulthood I assumed I belonged somewhere between the moon and the clouds. This dream of mine was to be a writer. The sky was to be a world of literary agents and fellow lovers of words.  My cloud was a bare apartment in New York City, books leaning in stacks and spare writing paper stored in the unused oven. Artists don’t cook. They’re starving!
~ Tori Nelson at The Ramblings

Why Do You Want to be a Writer?
Last night, I attended my monthly critique group. We were set to discuss segment five of my over 300-page novel, currently a work-in-progress. The girls didn’t like segment five. They said my writing was sub-par, and some of the character behaviors didn’t make sense. This is a good critique group, who often says interesting, illuminating things, but last night, I could barely take it. Why? Because it got me wondering: if I’m already messing things up within the first hundred pages, who’s to say the next two hundred pages don’t completely suck? Who’s to say I don’t completely suck?
~ Sara Dobie at Sara Dobie’s Blog

Paranoid City Girl Goes Camping with Family and is Attacked…by Another Realization About Writing
Surviving a day sans laptop without suffering permanent psychological damage (that I’m aware of) is a miraculous feat.  That I accomplished it during the Freshly Pressed frenzy is even more impressive.  The fact that I did it in the relatively unprotected outdoors (no dead-bolted, reinforced doors, locked windows and security system) is simply amazing.
~ Janna T at JannaTWrites’s Blog

Of Pants & Procrastination (Cordelia Learns a Lesson About Avoidance)
My husband and I are both not tall people.  This means that usually, when we buy pants, they will need to be hemmed.  Being frugal and also owning a lovely sewing machine (bought for me last Christmas by my mother-in-law for this very purpose), the task of hemming said pants falls to me. I do not enjoy sewing.  Even with my lovely new sewing machine, I put it off, and put it off, and put it off, until suddenly there’s a pile of 12 pants up in my little sewing annex and an equal number of months have gone by without any of these pants being hemmed.
~ Cordelia at Cordelia Calls It Quits