I’ll Take “Writing” for $1000


1. a subject of discourse, discussion, meditation,
   or composition; topic:
   The need for world peace was the theme of the meeting.
2. a unifying or dominant idea, motif, etc.,
   as in a work of art.

I’ve been reading a lot of blog posts lately about the importance of having a blog “theme“.  This is important if the author hopes to gain a following while promoting continuity and consistency.  Those wiser than I am state that a blog should focus on one particular broad topic.  Think technology or being a mommy or space aliens.

Successful books, movies, and songs have a theme.  TV shows have a theme.  As an example, Jeopardy has a broad theme (game show), made successful by narrowing each column of answers down to a single, focused theme.

I'll take "Writing" for $1000, Alex

This led me to ponder the “theme” of my blog.  (In reality, it led me to wonder if I even HAD a theme.)

Looking at the blog, I found that most of my posts were all over the place.  I was unable to find a unifying thread.  Maybe I’m hyper self-critical but my posts fluctuate between a personal call to action and a rant, on a variety of topics.

{ In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with a creative rant.  In fact, if written well, said rant can be quite entertaining to the reader.  The problem lies not in the rant itself, however, but rather that I’ve used this blog as a diary to serve primarily myself rather than any prospective readers.  Selfish little me.  Sigh.}

If I heard or read something that got me to thinking, then I would blog about it.  If something really bothered me and I needed to vent, a blog post was born.  The resulting posts are scattered theme-less thoughts uploaded with erratic frequency.

Scattered, erratic, unfocused posts, while they might be entertaining to some, are still a bad thing.  It means an unfocused readership.  This leaves a blog in jeopardy of being consigned to a lifetime in a cyber black hole.  Focus is critical.

For a number of years, my ability to draft creative prose and poetry virtually disappeared.  It wasn’t that I didn’t WANT to write; it was more that I couldn’t.  I suffered for this.  What had been a freeing experience in my youth had been dramatically ripped away.  Imagination and creativity took a backseat to the daily grind, to relationships and their subsequent failures.  Roughly a year ago, however, creativity suddenly crawled screaming from the recesses of my brain and demanded a voice.  I was overjoyed.  My soul wept in jubilation at the renewed discovery of my passion to write.  It took many months for my writing to return to the prolific place it inhabited when I was young but when it finally gained full form, I created this blog.

I started it as a place to embrace my creative thoughts within the sanctuary of the written word.  The blog was a place to catalog my writing.  It has served that purpose but still remains unfocused.  This blog can’t be a place where I randomly post items on any topic that springs to mind.  I can keep a journal for that.

Rather, this blog should be a place where I discuss the passion I have for writing, the knowledge I’m acquiring about the craft of writing, and the ways in which these things will improve my world by the mere pursuit.

If it was a snake, it would have bit me.  My theme was there all along even if the posts weren’t in line with it.  I wasted time floundering under all the advice I’ve read.  When I took time to stop and breathe; to take a moment to put that advice into a frame I could understand, clarity was achieved.

Blogging about my passion for writing and the ways in which it enhances my life are of primary importance to me.  Those future posts will keep me inspired and moving forward as a Writer.

When it comes to posts about the knowledge I’m acquiring, it’s not a matter of regurgitating what I’m learning, but rather presenting it in a way that makes sense to me.  Blogging about the craft of writing means I can still rant about the weather (seriously, go away Winter!) provided I tie it to the craft.  Does the weather impact my writing time?  My process?

I can write about a movie or a TV show I watched, provided I discuss it in terms of the Three-Act Structure.  A blog post could cover the exciting world of a particular character through discussion of the creation of the character sketch.  A commentary on world conflict could be presented in terms of story conflict.  There are endless possibilities.

Writers write because they have something to say.

Some writers want to horde their words to themselves.

Others want to share their words with the world.  Those who choose to share their writing want people to read their words in the hopes that the reader will come away challenged or changed in some way.

In the end, I had only to look at the title of my blog: Pining for Poetry & Prose: Pursuing My Passion.