Beating My Head Against the Wall Or…

I’ve been at work for two hours today and have yet to actually do anything related to my job.  Maybe that’s because it’s Friday, but more likely, it’s because I feel like I’m beating my head against a brick wall every day of the work week.

When I met with Barry, my counselor, this week, I brought up my concerns / desires to investigate other possible career options.  He gave me a laundry list of questions that I need to answer with several bullet points.  I know what he’s doing…he’s trying to collect information that will tell him where my interests lie so we can point me in the direction of something I’m passionate about.

I don’t know how well that’s going to work.  I started going through the questionnaire yesterday and my answer to “what do I enjoy?” didn’t include anything that actually relates to a job.  But maybe that’s what he’s looking for.  I enjoy reading, philosophical discussions, working out, baking, etc.  Is there a job out there that includes these things?

Deep down, I wonder if I’m going through a mid-life crisis.  My boyfriend, Gary, has been unemployed for over a year and is now trying to pursue his passion to teach as he looks for a job.  My brother, Phil, is actively pursuing his dream of creating and selling his own graphic design items (invitations, newsletters, flyers, and the like…he’s really good…check out his new website:  Maybe I’m envious that both of them are taking a chance on making a change.  All I really do know is that I have got to find something that challenges me every day.  My brain is atrophying.

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